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Why you should become a client of Bennet Global

1. We offer you more than a full service

A full service brokerage should give you full service. At Bennet Global, we offer our clients a very diverse range of investment opportunities, and strategies that goes hand in hand with their current goals. Whether your investment preference is Investment trusts, Mutual Funds, Government Bonds, annuities, commodities, money management, stocks & shares or alternative investments. Bennet global offers each of our clients a personalized full service brokerage account, including management of your portfolio. Whether you are just starting looking at investments, or you are looking for a retirement plan, education fund or estate planning, we work with you to make sure you are getting the most from your investments. With decades in the industry and centuries of experience, we are dedicated to showing our clients the best possible option that suits their circumstance and financial goals. We know that every client we work with has a different objective in mind, and the majority of new clients come to us because they do not know how to reach their objective. Bennet Global will go out of their way to give you the information and service you need and can rely on for whatever length of time it takes to reach your goals.

2. Ongoing advice and consistent service

Bennet Global’s core belief is that if you start something you see it through till it has been completed, not only do our team of experts set up a portfolio for you based on your goals and ambitions, they are with you until you reach those goals and beyond. Our clients’ satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we know by helping you to reach your short and long-term goals that will give you the financial satisfaction you deserve. The strategies we implement for your personal portfolio are under constant analysis and improvement, so that we only bring you choices that suit your needs, and suit your constantly changing circumstances. Throughout your partnership with us, we will work closely with you to adjust your investment strategy as you see fit. We know that achieving your goals in a shorter period of time would be beneficial to you, so with your risk tolerance in mind we will always try to find a way to help you reach your goals faster. With such a diverse choice when it comes to where to put your capital we can always change or make adjustments when you want them, unlike a local broker we are always available to give you updates regarding your account. We pride ourselves on our client to broker communication, which really gives us the edge when it comes to client satisfaction.

3. We complement what you have

Working with Bennet Global, your portfolio is well looked after by more than one broker, you have access to our extensive network of in house researchers, analysts and other senior portfolio managers. When it comes to maximizing your portfolio returns, and giving you the best information and opportunities our brokers welcome the expertise of their fellow portfolio managers. Our brokers work together for all of our clients’ and their portfolios get more attention, which enables us to make sure your goals are achieved. Our service to you never slips; we have a proven record of accomplishment conducting business this way. Bennet Global makes each of our clients know that we always have their best interests at heart, and are always focused on their success. Working as a team we are focused on delivering to each client we work with a portfolio that works harder for them than they expected, we truly go beyond what is expected for our clients.

4. Personalized and tailored portfolio

We know that everybody is different, and each portfolio is as unique. Bennet Global offers each client top grade information that is relevant to them. The information we provide the individual has been examined and vetted through our researchers and experienced analysts. With the combined experience of almost 200 years, our portfolio managers know that not every investment opportunity suits everyone's needs. Our team ensures they work beside you in-order to distinguish which investment is right, based on your risk tolerance and investment preference. Each of our portfolio managers gets to know their clients as if they had known them for years, and that enables us to create a unique investment strategy that you are comfortable with and will show you the growth that you desire. Along the way, you will realize that Bennet Global advisers are there for you and your financial success is their top priority.

5. Convenience.

A partnership in finance is always better when it is convenient. Our team of financial advisors know that there is always something happening in business. We know how hard it can be to juggle your finances, investments, and business finances so we make sure that our clients can get in touch when it is convenient for them. We are always available for our clients, whether it is by electronic mail, telephone or fax - we know that when you need something we can deliver.

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