Portfolio Construction

Bennet Global’s team of portfolio managers and researchers have over two hundred years of experience between them. When it comes to your finance, it is a very personal and from our experience we know each persons financial needs are as unique as the individual that hold them. Since our inception in 2001 we have always had the client in mind, and work with them to create a unique portfolio. We utilize all the information that you disclose to us, to make sure we are working within your specific criteria. The performance of your portfolio is of utmost importance, and we understand that, whether you are looking into creating a portfolio for retirement, an education fund or for income, we will factor in your risk tolerance to create a portfolio you can rely on.

With so many factors to consider when designing a portfolio for you, your age, initial capital, risk tolerance, and more, there is never a one size fits all rule. Your portfolio will change based on these values, and we make sure to adapt your portfolio as your circumstances change. Bennet’s Portfolio managers only offer you the best advise that is in line with your goals and needs, we advise each client as an individual, and give them the same level of advise regardless of your initial investment capital. Every member of our team shares the same outlook and that is to work with you as a close friend, to understand your unique requirements and develop a strategy that works with your existing plan if you have one. We believe that advise should be exactly that, after nearly two decades of working with a large array of clients, we understand that circumstances change on a daily bases and clients need a brokerage who is flexible and can change based on their clients.