Through Bennet Global’s in depth analysis of industries, companies, financial markets, and world economies, we have become one of the worlds leaders in the investment research field. Bennet Global’s investment research has fast become one of the most revered financial research teams in Asia, dominating the sector of equity and fixed income investing.

Our highly educated team of analysts, economists and strategists have earned their sought after reputation through well timed in depth analysis of markets, industries companies and the global economy. Our researchers work closely with our team of brokers so that each of their clients gets the most precise information regarding their investment decisions, thus opening up more opportunities across many different geographical regions. The main focus of Bennet Global’s research and analytical teams is to generate in depth research reports on a wide range of different companies, varying in sector and geographic region. Each of our detailed reports are then fine tuned and checked by some of Asia’s most experienced analysts who are highly knowledgeable in the chosen sector.

When it comes to researching and identifying companies we deem as undervalued we take a very open minded approach, we make sure that when we look into a company that is eligible for our clients that we have checked all of the boxes before giving it the green light. The in depth analysis involves vigorous company background checks, management checks, industry and product financial analysis, product potential and a valuation of the company based on more than fundamentals.

Bennet Global prides itself on the integrity and accuracy of our research, which is governed by very strict international regulatory guidelines which we adhere to. This enables us to fully manage our research and avoid any possible mishaps or conflicts of interest when it comes to our clients portfolios.

Our Equity research team is motivated and dedicated to providing our clients with the most in depth research reports which are both informative and insightful, which gives our clients the full picture. We know that not all of our clients are investment savvy experts, which is why we aim to give our clients all the relevant information in a format that they can understand. We believe that by doing things this way, our clients really do have all the necessary materials at their disposal to make an informed decision when it comes to there finances.

To maximize our clients potential profits, we are always in search of companies that we believe are currently sitting below market value, and will appreciate once the wider market grasps just how much potential the target company has.We know that our extensive and broad research coverage is the best way to ensure our clients have options available to them when it comes to their investments. This also enables us to share with our clients potential oppurunities that simply wouldn’t be available at their local brokerages. The most important part of working with Bennet Global is that our research allows us to provide each of our clients with portfolios that are not only highly profitable, but also have undergone rigorous analysis for risk, potential, and of course profitability.